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I'm excited
x 234583450923849583458

tonight will be the first night i get to hang out with glorious lisa and amanda.
hopefully not the last.

those girls are amazing.

nick is the coolest kid in the neighborhood
i cant wait to see him play tonight.
i'll have to inform him again he likes little smelly boys that aren't potty trained :]

ehh tonight will make my life a butt load better.
lately it hasnt been well
but right now and after tonight i think it'll be better
much better

yeah i dont have the worst life.
it isnt that dandy
but i need to be happier.

i have amazing friends.
an amazing family even if i cant see it sometimes.
talent in myself
i'm not thaaaat ugly i guess..yeah me being positive for once, yess

yeah, i'm done.

i need to get ready.

comment lovers if you're going tonight oooooor if you're cool enough


yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss show tonight :D
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i thought i'd update..yeaaaah.

things are going fine.

gym with jesse and jake is dandy.
wow i love those two kids.
we have to change tomorow. uck.
Jesse enjoys throwing my things. yes hes sweet like that.
we talked about bands.
he says he needs to change what bands i like

this update sucks.
maybe anonymousers wont have crap to say now since it sucks? yeaaah.

luke paul makes my day.
hes the most amazing kid.
i thought i'd say that.
he'll be gone for 5 days.
and wont be at the show on friday
neither will tim
uck i'm sad
well i'll have lisa and amanda :]

if i'll even be able to go!
which i might not be able too
cuz of report cards coming out that day
ughhhhhh i haaaaaaaate schooooooool.

well. i'm going to talk to the one and only lukey ha



anonymous comments please stop. its dumb and you're wasting your time, honestly.

Luke Paul ♥
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sandbox heroes icon <3

you look so good in blue

"Why do you think your soo cool becuase your "EMO"?? with your "emo" hair and your "emo hoddies and "emo"glassses. i mean like wtf. who does that?"

so yes, i got that as another anonymous comment. now i know its from someone at my school because i made a comment saying how my sweater i wore today was my emo sweater.

i dont think people understand

when i say this, i kid, its a laughing thing, notice how people laugh after it? yes its a joke.

All the people who know me know that. yes i do say i'm in emo moods and such but ever think its because i truely am? you obviously dont know me at all and obviously dont want to take the time to get to know me. i must say, i'm a pretty nice kid once you get to know me.

I say all this because well i just wanted to get it out there.
for anymore strucking anonymous comments that might just randomly pop up in there.

And you know why i can say that, and you know why i can say it with confidence and say that i'm in an emo mood or whatever?
because i know what it means.
yeah, i know a lot about music, thats all my life is..
Music and jones.

You'd know this once again if you'd get to know me rather than just judge.

Yeah, why is it i get all these anonymous comments when i say that kind of stuff yet no one else does?

i can name like 12374023984092830498293874 people at my school who are all like now "emo" and dont even know what it means. all they know is its like sad and dashboard,
those kind of things just make my day more laughable and funnier.

So i just thought i'd make that entry because i'm in a mood to type and in a mood to confront some issues people may be having with me about how i call things "emo"

Keep quiet,
Nothing comes as easy as you.
Can I lay in your bed all day?
I'll be your best kept secret
And your biggest mistake.
The hand behind this pen relives a failure every day.

Ehh i'm in a fall out boy mood again.
I dont think anything in the music world means more to me than fall out boy. mm fall out boy = love.

so i went to new classes today.
wow i felt like a freaking loser.

first hour i ran in late and was scared because i was afraid no one i knew was in it.
thank the lord jesse is in it. whatta babe haha (not the 9th grader jesse, the 11th grader jesse)
and mr. jake bellew is in it also. thankfully.
yeah so the whole hour i stayed with jesse because i didnt either like or know anyone else. i'm such a loner.

Second hour went better.
jake is in it with me so we walked there and sat down and mr. eric gibbons strolls in. i havent talked to that kid since like freaking seventh grade. funny stuff.
then to top it off, my ultimate love Rebecca comes in
thank the freaking lord i have her in it. gosh she makes my day wonderful.

third hour, band, terrible, horrific, not fun, i'm not doing it next year.
anything else about that hour..uhm negative but everyone laughs at me
what am i the clown of that hour or something? haha

Fourth Hour
i know denise in it. thats it. horrible. because i feel like a loner.

B lunch, sit with mr. hewitt, jake, joel if he comes over there and thats about it..or anyone else at that table.

back to fourth hour

fifth hour.
gosh amanda kosal is in it
gosh she talks soooooooooo much. i sware
its like la da la da la da la da
and she does it on purpose
so she'll get attention
i'm like gosh just shut up seriously ha
oh well though.
i sit with caitlin and alyssa and molly thankfull.

sixth hour.
mrs parks! gosh i love mrs. parks. shes the best teacher like alive :]
i sit with bradley and daniel. gosh i love those kids
and i also talk to missa and jenny
so friends there. yay hahaha

so yeah just thought i'd update.

I'm on the phone with the coolest kid, luke ofcourse right now
so i'll go.

comment if you'll leave a name yo.


As days go by i keep getting more and more over him. gooo meeee ♥

4 daaaaaaaays :]
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you're a lush and i hate it

um yeah i thought i'd update

the weekend was a good break. finals finally over thankfull. i like did horrible on them but i dont really care. i dont really care about anything right now. kinda sucks

show tonight..wwih is playing one of my ultimate favorite bands and ofcourse, i cant go.
it sucks. i wanted to see them. they're so good but oh well..another show i'll be missing

so yeah lets overveiw

spent the night at caitlins last night after the movies. it was fun. i laughed.
i randomly in my sleep say "i dont wanna see no old people doin it" yeah, dont understand why but i did ha
white noise was good
ofcourse my phone goes off in the movie and i get so scared.

after the movies hot emo boys were out there. gosh they were gorgeous. they kept walking by to hear what we were listening to because yes i was blasting underoath ofcourse on my cd player i stashed in my purse. everything is in there i sware.

yeah we came home and watched thirteen. i dont think that movie was that good. i dunno i didnt like it too much. that girl pissed me off because she was so bratty to her mom. i cant stand watching that lol

yeah..i'm really tired lol

so yeah. i think i'll go. this update sucks but oh well i'm exhausted and upset.

I must say this.

Mr. Luke Paul is my hero. i talked to him on the phone for like ever when i got home. he honestly makes me day. i was like all upset and he made me laugh. it amazed me. Luke is like the best kid in the world, yeah, hes cooler then you damn it! ha ♥

so i'll go now

comment i guess if you'll leave a name


i heart a boy yet i should just give up

corie, i need to talk to you.
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Why the h is church such a big deal? i mean seriously

corie i dont know what the h you have a problem with but just stop. seriously. its sooooooo old.

sooooooooorry i brought a few kids to church. didnt know i wasnt soposed too

no one else had a problem. you kids are the ooooooooonly ones who did.

but whatever you know i'll just go alone and go by my lonesome or just bring ash since you guys didnt get a stick shoved up your asses when she came..yet i bring caitlin and kristen my other 2 buds and the whoooooooole world is ending

ohhhhhhhhh my dear lord!

whatever seriously. why is it you kids are the only ones who have a problem honestly tell me this
is it me?
is it because i have friends?
is it because i'm super great friends with josh, vinnie, and ryan kids you hate? if its that then grow up.

there is completely nooooooooothing wrong with josh vinnie or ryan.

vinnie is like so funny.
josh is hilarious and fun to talk to.
and ryan. well ryan is a goof and like the sweetest kid

theres nothing wrong with them i dont care how much longer you've known them. they're awesome to me and ash and thats all that matters.

so honestly, i dont care anymore. i'm trying to work everything out

if you wanna be friends with me, then you try and fix this mess that you've made a deal out of because i'm honestly done. done with it completely.

michelle, corie, sydney, (sarah, nicole possibly?)
yeah this is for you guys. haaaaave fun.

whatever. i'm done

i love from autumn to ashes.

i got there cd
it makes me happy

i saw lovely amanda and lisa at the mall when i went today. wow do i love them. i'm so happy i met them.

omgooooooosh me, caitlin and kristen ran into ghettos lmao

i bursted laughing and started crying cuz i was laughing so hard.

i'll put pictures in tomorow. i'm too lazy now :]

so yeah i dont feel like typing it. i'm cold, exhausted, and frustrated, plus i'm listening to my new from autumn to ashes cd.


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